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Bearing Solutions in Wind Turbines

Modern wind turbines require a variety of roller bearings (see figure). These bearings have to fulfill high standards regarding loads, efficiency and reliability. Design such bearing demands long term experience in roller bearing technology and the understanding for the interaction between all components in the drive train. eolotec offers his customers this specific knowledge to provide bearing solutions there are beyond the technical and economical standards.        

tl_files/content/Leistung/Bearings in Wind Turbine.png

In the short history of wind industry many different drive train concepts appeared on the market. Beside the conventional turbines with gear, the market share of direct drive technology increased in the last years.

A comparably new trend is the medium speed concept which aims to combine the advantages of gear and direct drive concepts. For each basic concept many modifications exist including a variety of different bearing solutions.

eolotec develops customized bearing solutions which are tailored to your individual drive train concept.
During the design and development process eolotec sets great value to a holistic approach. Starting with a detailed load analysis up to the final measurements on the turbines eolotec considers all relevant dynamic interactions of bearings, gears, generator, surrounding structures and turbine control.

With this approach eolotec goes far beyond state of the art bearing development process. Most turbine systems of the last generations failed due to insufficient consideration of dynamic interactions. eolotec with its holistic approach enables smarter and more economic solutions.
The combined experience of our team in bearing design and wind turbine development makes all this possible.