Announcement: HUSUM Wind 2019

from 10.-13. of September with eolotec GmbH

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Viva la ECO 74/80!

Eolotec in Galicia, Spain

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Eolotec in Bilbao

at the WindEurope 2019 Conference & Exhibition

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Successful assembly of three Main Bearing Units for a segmented 3MW Generator

The first three main bearing units for a new, customer specified generator solution were successfully assembled in December. As a result of its flexible design, a turbine manufacturer can mount a Main Bearing Unit on different types of wind turbines without having to change the attachment fittings on the hub or the nacelle. This modularization maximizes the number of parts that can be kept constant, in turn allowing a more standardized assembly and increasing cost savings.


The segmented generator will be built around the Main Bearing Unit in the first quarter of 2014, with the finished generator unit being mounted in a prototype in the second half of the year. eolotec will be supervising the startup as well as ensuring a problem free operation of the main bearings and generator.

Main Bearing Unit for 3MW direct drive wind turbine

link to report on P-3000-turbine WINDPOWERMontly

- Development and manufacturing support for a main and generator bearing unit for a 3MW permanent magnet
- Back to back-test run of the generator including the MBU at Q1/2013
- Placing into operation of two prototypes at Q3/2013


Assembly platform for 117m rotor diameter

Facts: more than 14t weight and length of 13m

- Conception and Development of the assembly platform
- Calculation and stress analysis of the welding structure
- CE marking and declaration of conformity
- Purchasing and manufacturing of the assembly platform
- Feature: Fast installation and reassemble to a compact transport unit due to a foldaway design  tl_files/content/Referenzen/Projekte/Bild_Ref_2.1.jpg

Generator lifting device

Facts: weight 11t with a length of 8m and max. lifting load of  95 tons

- Conception and Development of the lifting device and lifting process
- Calculation and stress analysis of the welding structure with special safety criteria
- CE marking and declaration of conformity
- Purchasing and manufacturing of the generator lifting device
- Feature: Turning of generator during the lifting process up to 90 degree