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Benefit of the Main Bearing Unit Concept

The Main Bearing Unit (MBU) is designed to fit into wind energy converters (WEC) of all drivetrain concepts and power classes. A MBU includes shaft, housing, bearings, sealing and fittings and is delivered as preassembled unit. On customer requirement sensors and a suitable lubrication system can be integrated. Together with its partners eolotec offers the complete product live cicly range guidance - from design and development over prototyping and first series production up to the setup of the supply chain.


Your numerous benefits in detail are:

Reliable function:
The MBU is designed to meet the extreme requirements of a WEC. The bearing system is designed to withstand the highly dynamic fatigue and extreme loads. This guarantees a reliable function throughout the entire period of operation.

Easy mounting
Mounting of bearings is expensive and difficult. In many cases defective mounting leads to early failures. eolotec has the necessary knowledge to ensure a proper assembly of your bearing system. Your only responsibility is to tighten the screw of the connecting flanges. Investments in tools and equipment for bearing mounting are not necessary.

Economic solution

The MBU is designed in a way that the demand for expensive bearing steel is reduced and replaced by cheaper casting material. An adequate integration into your turbine concept enables a very economical solution.

Reduced effort for design

eolotec does for you the time and cost consuming design work for the bearing surrounding.

From a single source

In order to guarantee a proper operation of roller bearings, good design, accurate mounting, strict observance of tolerances, suitable lubrication and appropriate sealing is mandatory. eolotec manages the set-up and assumes responsibility. For you as customer there is only one single product you are reliable for.

Reduced logistic expense

Instead of managing many single components, you get from us one single product. Thus, your effort for inspection of incoming components, quality assurance and warehousing is significantly reduced.

Stiff bearing solution

The compact design of the MBU combined with the preloaded bearings leads to a high stiffness. This is an advantage for direct drive turbines as well as for turbines with gear.

Uncritical transport

Often during transportation high forces appear in terms of shock loads. These forces have the potential to damage the bearing already before mounting the turbine. As a result the lifetime of the bearings is reduced significantly. The MBU with its preassembled and preloaded bearings however is uncritical for transportation loads so it can be delivered to each place in the world without any problem.

MBU for wind turbines with with gearbox