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HMI Hannover 2014

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Monitoring of Blade Bearings with the Blade Bearing Guard (BBG)

Die BBG Box


As blade bearings are getting older it is important to monitor the wear process to guarantee proper functioning of the bearings and the pitch system. The Blade Bearing Guard is the first and easy to install monitoring system for Blade Bearings, which enables a permanent wear monitoring. It offers information about the blade bearing condition and ensures well-founded decision making reducing your service and operation costs.

The benefits of the BBG = Blade Bearing Guard, a solution developed by eolotec:

  • Determines right time for bearing exchange

  • Maximal operation time of blade bearings

  • Can be installed on all common wind turbines

  • Independent of turbine control CMS and SCADA

  • Anytime actual information about blade bearing conditions on BBG User Platform

  • Different monitoring level possible to fit the customer`s requirements


Link to BBG Flyer




Actual installations:


  • DeWind D6
  • GE 1.5 / GE 2.5 / GE 2.75
  • Repower System MD70/ MD77
  • Senvion MM92
  • Vestas V80
  • Nordex N90
  • Kenersys K82/ K100/ K110/ K120


In preparation:


  • Dewind D8
  • GE 2.3
  • Bonus 1,3-2MW
  • Repower/Senvion MM70-92
  • Senvion MM100-122
  • NEG-Micon 1-2MW
  • Südwind S70/S77
  • Vestas V63-V92; V112-117


If you are interested in a not listed turbine, please contact us and we will check the opportunities.