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MBU 2500 TV - The Exchange Solution by eolotec

Installation of MBU 2500 TV on a turbine

The MBU 2500 TV is an exchange solution for the main bearing of the Fuhrlaender 2.5MW. While using a completely different bearing concept the MBU 2500 TV exploits the installation space of the former bearing perfectly. The exchange solution is not just a bearing – the unit consists, according to the Main Bearing Unit – concept from eolotec, not only of two tapered roller bearings but also of a housing and a rotor shaft, adapted to the surroundings.

The benefits of this system solution by  eolotec are:

  • Optimized kinematic of tapered roller bearings due to exact preload adjustment with Premesy

  • Design integration in surrounding structures without changing of connections

  • Ready to mount at any turbine site

  • Permanent sealed and greased system

Link to MBU 2500 TV Flyer

Video Eolotec_MBU2500TV
Click on the video, to gather more details about MBU 2500 TV