Damage Analysis

eolotec's many years of experience in the development, design, production and calculation of rolling bearings are the basis for particularly high-quality expert opinions and damage analyses. In doing so, eolotec can go far beyond the usual services of universal experts. With special tools for rolling bearing calculation and simulation, we can exactly calculate all bearing designs and operating conditions and thus help to determine the cause of damage. Material and laboratory analyses are also organized and evaluated by us. Combined with detailed inspections of the wind turbine, from endoscopy to long-term measurement campaigns, this modular system enables us to present well-founded results and to create solutions to our customers.

Services and experiences of eolotec in the field of bearing assessment

Main bearing damages

Fatigue, wear, inadequate lubrication, assembly errors etc.

Blade bearing

Raceway damage, wear, gearing, lubrication, sealing etc.

Transmission- and generator bearings

Overload, slip damage, current passage etc.

Bearing damages inductry applications

Fatigue, slippage, vibration, overheating etc.

Damages at bearing seats and surrounding structures

Wear, grooving, etc.

Sealing and lubricant problems

Leakage, lubrication quantity, lubrication concept etc.

With our expertises the customer also receives a clear recommendation for how long one can continue to operate the storage and how the exchange of bearings or service can be organized in terms of time. This statement is particularly important for wind turbines, as operating losses plus replacement costs (crane, bearings, etc.) can quickly reach several 100,000 €.

If you have problems with one of your bearings, please contact us so that we can work together to find a solution and increase the reliability of your wind turbine. Please use our contact form for example.