Rolling Bearing Systems

Rolling Bearing Solutions in Wind Turbines

In modern wind turbines, numerous rolling bearing arrangements are required (see figure below). These bearing arrangements are subject to the highest requirements in terms of load transmission, efficiency and reliability. The design of these rolling bearings requires several years of experience and know-how in rolling bearing technology and a deep understanding of the interaction of all components in the drivetrain. eolotec offers this very specific knowledge for bearing designs to its customers that sets new standards both functionally and economically.

In the young history of the wind power industry, numerous solutions for the drivetrain have already been established. In addition to conventional wind turbines with gears, direct drive technology gained ground on the market in recent years.

Medium speed concepts are a relatively new trend. They attempt to combine the advantages of both recent and established technologies. For all basic concepts, there are numerous variants with very different rolling bearing arrangements.

eolotec will develop a tailor-made roller bearing solution for you matching to your respective drive concept. In design and development, we attach particular importance to a holistic system approach. Starting from an intensive load and stiffness analysis up to the final metrological prototype verification, we consider all interactions between rolling bearings, gearbox, generator, environmental structure and system control.

eolotec thus goes far beyond the usual standard for bearing design. Damage in the past, which is often caused by insufficient consideration of these dynamic interactions, can be avoided. In addition, the holistic approach enables particularly functional and economical solutions. This extended system approach is enabled by the team's experience in both bearing and wind turbine development.

Rolling Bearing Solutions for Industry Applications

eolotec has extensive experience in the development of storage solutions in a wide range of applications. These include, for example, bearing arrangements in the maritime, mining, steel production, crane and special machine construction industries. In many areas there is still considerable potential for optimization in terms of cost reduction, increased energy efficiency and reliability. Each application has its own specific challenges, which must be taken into account when designing an optimum bearing arrangement.

However, experience also shows that the knowledge gained from different applications can often be transferred to other areas and often lead to particularly innovative solutions. As the dynamics in many industrial applications are often underestimated, the experience of eolotec generates a special benefit for you.