Exchange Solutions

MBU 2500 TV

The MBU 2500 TV is an exchange solution for the main bearing of the Fuhrlaender 2.5MW. While using a fundamentally different bearing concept the MBU 2500 TV makes optimum use of the installation space of the original bearing. The replacement solution is not only a bearing - it is a main bearing unit which, according to the Main Bearing Unit concept by eolotec, consists of two tapered roller bearings, a housing adapted to the environment and a rotor shaft.

The benefits of this system solution by eolotec are:

  • Optimized kinematic of tapered roller bearings by exact preload adjustment with Premesy
  • Design integration into the existing environment without modification of flange connections
  • Delivery ready to mount at any turbine site
  • Permanently sealed and greased system

Take a look into the MBU 2500 TV Flyer

ECO 74/80

For the problems of the main bearing unit (Block 2) of the Ecotecnia 74/80, eolotec has developed a replacement solution that incorporates the existing old system. In addition to optimized bearings, the replacement solution benefits from a reliable preload device, which is monitored by our Premesy sensor system, and an improved lubrication concept.

The advantages of the exchange solutions can be summarized as follows:

  • Refurbished block 2 with optimized bearings
  • Simplified maintenance through the introduction of an improved lubrication concept
  • Precisely applied preload during assembly to reduce the risk of bearing damage during operation
  • Implementation of a remote monitoring of the bearings
  • Optional adjustment of the preload on the system, without dismantling or crane use

Our partner for the exchange is the ENERTRAG Service GmbH.

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