MBU (Main Bearing Unit)

The MBU is a main bearing unit for wind turbines of all types and power classes. The MBU consists of shaft, housing, rolling bearings, seals and conversion parts. It forms a complete ready-to-fit unit. Optionally, sensors and a suitable lubrication system can be integrated by your request. eolotec and its partners offer the complete spectrum from development to production and the establishment of a supply chain.

Advantages at a glance

Advantages in detail

Reliable Functions

The MBU is designed to safely withstand the extreme challenges in wind turbines.

The bearing arrangement is perfectly designed for the dynamic and static loads and guarantees reliable operations over the entire service life.

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Simple Assembly

eolotec offers important know-how to ensure the optimum bearing installation.

The mounting of rolling bearings is complex and very demanding. Errors during mounting usually lead to premature failure. For you as a customer, critical bearing installation is not necessary, since the MBU is only bolted into the system. Investments in tools and operating resources for bearing mounting are no longer required.

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Cost-efficient Solution

The MBU is designed in a way that expensive rolling bearing steel is saved and replaced by inexpensive cast material.

By integrating it into your wind turbine concept, an extremely economical solution is created.

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Reduced Effort

eolotec takes over the time and personnel intensive design of the bearing environment for you.

Everything from one source

eolotec takes over the coordination and responsibility - for you as a customer there is only one product and one contact person to work with.

The reliable functioning of rolling bearings requires correct design, faultless mounting, compliance with tolerances, suitable lubrication and appropriate sealing.

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Reduced Effort for Logistics

Instead of many individual parts, you order a single, perfectly matched product.

This reduces the effort for incoming goods inspection, quality assurance and storage.

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Stiff Bearing Solution

The compact design of the MBU in combination with the bearing preload results in high stiffness.

This leads to decisive advantages both for directly driven wind turbines and for wind turbines with gear design.

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Uncritical Transport

The MBU is uncritical against impacts and can be transported to your production facilities worldwide without any problems.

During transport, rolling bearings are often subjected to high loads in the form of impacts. This can damage a bearing arrangement significantly before it is installed in the wind turbine, so that the service life is reduced or, in extreme cases, the bearings can no longer be used.

Due to the pre-mounted and preloaded bearing arrangement of the MBU, it is not critical regarding impacts and can be transported to your production facilities worldwide without any problems.

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MBU for direct drive wind turbines

In directly driven wind turbines, the rigidity of the bearing system plays a decisive role.

In order to achieve the smallest possible generator gap, the deformations and relative tilting of stator and rotor must be kept as small as possible. This enables a compact and economic design of the generator.

Due to the compact design and the preloaded bearings, the MBU meets the requirement for a rigid bearing arrangement in an excellent way.

The dimensions and flanges of the MBU are flexibly adapted to the specific wind turbine design, so that a stiff overall system is achieved by the stiffening effect of the main bearing.

MBU for wind turbines with gear

In conventional wind turbines with gearboxes, the main bearing arrangement has the task of supporting the rotor loads and keeping deformations and impacts safely away from the gearbox. This is achieved by a rigid bearing arrangement.

Many bearing arrangements realized in the past did not meet this requirement sufficiently, which led to numerous gearbox damages and immense follow-up costs. The bearings of the MBU absorb impacts due to the preload and thus reliably protect the gearbox.