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Blade Bearing Guard (BBG)

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Monitoring the Blade Bearing with the Blade Bearing Guard (BBG).

With advanced age of the blade bearings, it is important to monitor their wear process to ensure proper functioning of the bearings and pitch systems. The Blade Bearing Guard is the first and easy-to-install blade bearing monitoring system that provides permanent wear monitoring. It provides information about the blade bearing condition and offers a profound basis for decision-making to reduce service costs and operating costs.

The advantages of the BBG (Blade Bearing Guard) solution developed by eolotec at a glance:

  • Determination of the right time for the replacement of blade bearings
  • Maximum operating time of blade bearings with indicators for non-critical or early damage
  • Can be integrated into all conventional wind turbine types
  • Independent of the wind turbine control CMS and SCADA
  • Up-to-date information about the blade bearing status on the BBG User Platform at any time
  • Different monitoring levels to meet customer requirements

Take a look into the BBG-Flyer!

Installed at

  • DeWind D6
  • GE 1.5 / GE 2.5 / GE 2.75
  • Repower System MD70/ MD77
  • Senvion MM92
  • Vestas V80
  • Nordex N90
  • Kenersys K82/ K100/ K110/ K120
  • Repower/Senvion MM82-92
  • Senvion MM100-122
  • Senvion 3XM
  • Enercon E82
  • Fuhrländer 2500

Installation in preparation

  • Dewind D8
  • GE 2.3
  • Bonus 1,3-2MW
  • NEG-Micon 1-2MW
  • Südwind S70/S77
  • Vestas V63-V92; V112-117
  • SWT-2,3

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Preload Measurement Premesy

Angular contact or preloaded bearing arrangements offer a number of advantages like bearing arrangements with particularly smooth, clearance-free running, optimum kinematics and high stiffness. However, in order to fully utilize the advantages of this arrangement and at the same time ensure reliable operation, the optimum preload must be determined first. Several aspects, such as load spectra, acceleration and speed, temperature level and distribution as well as tolerances and ambient stiffness, must be taken into account in the calculations and evaluations. At this point, the experience of a bearing expert is of decisive importance.

Therefore, eolotec has developed a completely new solution: Premesy (Preload Measurement System)

Premesy offers for preloaded bearings (e.g. main bearings, gearbox bearings and generator bearings):

  • Precise preload adjustment in the micrometer range
  • Documentation of the setting values during the assembly process
  • Evaluation of tolerance deviation at the bearing seat
  • Condition monitoring of the preload
  • Validation of the FE calculation from the design phase
  • Simple and cost-effective integration into the bearing environment

Take a look into the Premesy Flyer!